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The School System is the Biggest Problem with the School System.

A teacher complained about "institutional racism" in schools this morning on a Facebook post exchange.

So I offered to give her $10,000 of my money and to help her fix anything she identified as a barrier for the underprivileged children in her school.

She declined.

Here's what happened (screenshots attached)-

Senator Wyden posted about his desire to cancel $50k of student debt because education should be a right for everybody and not just the "wealthy few".

I agree that education should be accessible to everybody, but I commented that those who make good on their promise to payback loans doesn't mean they are rich but rather makes them "adults".

Notice that nothing was being discussed about race or gender or anything. That wasn't what he posted about and that wasn't what I commented on. I was simply debating that it isn't right to demonize those who have paid off their debt by working hard, joining the military, etc.

Rich people aren't the only ones who pay their loans, people from all walks of life who work hard and sacrifice also make good on their promises.

Seems like a reasonable stance to take against his post.

But no surprise, somebody comments and decides to make the discussion about race. And also no surprise, it was from a self described "educator"

But frankly, I didn't mind.

There are real problems in this world around prejudices and inequities of all kinds. And we should be working on them. I've been intensely studying them over the last year and my eyes have been really opened to things that are very ugly.

But my problem is when people, especially in education, talk about problems but never identify them specifically or suggest tangible changes and rather spend time complaining about them instead of working towards progress.

So I responded asking her to lay out a plan, to identify the real issues and I'll help her with them.

Then I even went further and offered to give her $10,000 of my own money so she can work with 20 of her most underprivileged students and use the money over the next 30 days to help them in any way she deemed.

I then continued that she can create and identify any measurement she wants to gauge success toward the goal of defeating "institutional" or "systemic" racism.

I also offered to take another 20 kids of her choice that are the most underprivileged and spend a month working on the goals she lays out, but do it without spending any money.

She would get to make a plan of her choice, to use the metrics she chooses, to help the kids she chooses, use my money and likely help at least 40 kids in a major way.

What do you think she did?


She declines stating that it's opinions like mine that are oppressing the kids that she is fighting so diligently for.

Let me be perfectly clear about this:


The offer was for her to be in charge of the plan, the metrics, the selection of the kids...everything.

You know REALLY why she declined?

Because her entire identity is comprised of being the "savior of the underprivileged". And if they are able to take care of themselves and be happy, successful and prosperous, she is no longer significant.

This is why we have a country of victimhood. Parents and teachers want to be saviors by raising "children".

Instead, we need to be focused on raising well adjusted, empathic, non-entitled, confident, compassionate, critically thinking, independant adults.

Now don't get it twisted. I am not blind to real problems nor do I think that grabbing yourselves "by the bootstraps" as she suggests is a real long term solution.

What I do think is a long term solution is a complete revamping of how we tackle these issues. We need a complete revamping of how we think about these issues.


Because the way it's being handled now isn't working.


If the way the school system is handling the topics of bullying, racism and other issues are working, we wouldn't see a steady increase in depression and suicide in our youth.

To all of you teachers that keep your kids feeling oppressed and teach them that the world is against them - YOU ARE THE DAMN PROBLEM.

If that weren't true, then nearly every measurable metric for the success of our youth wouldn't be headed the wrong way.

I'll just post these two charts for the teachers and parents who think coddling your kids and telling them to blame the system, their teacher, their coach or their skin color for their problems.

When you look at them, you better be honest with yourself that the way we are teaching our youth to think about themselves and the world ISN"T FUCKING WORKING.

To all you social justice warriors who think that telling young children of color that the world is unfair and no matter what they do, they'll never be treated fairly, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

Go ahead and do your own research and tell me if your approach is working.

I'll give you one link HERE (hint: it shows that what you are doing has tragic consequences)

If trends showed us that the next generation of kids were healthier, happier, and there were fewer instances of injustices, I wouldn't be writing this post and we could continue doing what we are doing.

But that isn't the case.

I do not believe that all you need to do is pull your boot straps up and work harder and life will be great. That is a bunch of bullshit. Life is an unfair experience for many reasons. People have advantages and disadvantages of all kinds.

It isn't about ignoring very real issues. It's about taking those very real issues and making them into something our youth can overcome.

The teacher said in the Facebook exchange that she doesn't want to "fix them" but rather, "fix the system that continually hold them back..." blah blah blah.

Here's the honest truth - They are the system. She is the system. You are the system. I am the system. We are all the damn system. So if the "system" is broken, then they, she, us, them you do need fixed.

I challenge any teacher or educator to show me that the way schools are teaching subjects about equality and racism is successful.

I challenge any school board, Principal or administrator to a public debate and discussion on this topic with me.

I'm not looking to win.

I'm looking for the truth and to change the direction of the charts and studies showing our youth is headed.

And no, I'm not going to "dox" the teacher who turned down my offer for money and help. But it did fire me up to expose the public school system for what it is - a tragic failure for the minorities and children it pretends to "protect".

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