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The Problem with Q, placing your faith in "saviors" and the farce of the "silent majority"

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

When I went downtown Portland after the first month of riots, I recorded this rough video on July 3, 2020. I was obviously filled with emotion and confused why the destruction and violence was being allowed. (warning - language

(Watch it here: )

It was one thing when the marches, rallies and cries for help were in the pursuit of social justice and against the abuse of power. We should all join the quest for equality. Further, we should all actively engage in the fight against it. But It became another thing when the movement was being highjacked and innocent people and businesses were indiscriminately attacked and destroyed.

I urged the "silent Majority" to stand up and do what's right. To fight against racism and the plight of anybody who is unrepresented and disenfranchised, but at the same time, fight for peace and the creation of an environment where progress can truly be made.

I predicted that if nothing was done, one political party would gain total control of all the branched of the government and the balance of "power" would make this country unrecognizable in 12 months from making that video.

We are roughly 7 months since I shot it and look around.

Local businesses are dying, one party controls all the branches of government, there are bills ready to be signed by President Biden as predicted in my video, the Capitol of the United States was desecrated and the attack on opposing political ideologies is in full swing. (aka censorship)

This wasn't hard to see coming. It isn't because I'm smart, it's because I pay attention to history. Humans are beings of repeatable habits and actions.

I began to see a growing number of posts such as, "the red wave is coming", "the silent majority is strong", "Trump has a plan", "The military generals are ready to start arrests", "The swamp will be drained soon".

The following of Q theories and the belief the Trump had some grand scheme to drain the swamp and fix all that is wrong in Washington became the song of the Right. People sat back and watched riots continue, businesses to be crushed, children locked away from school and sports and the "silent majority" sat and watched it all happen.

All on the premise of some sort of "savior" or someone's grand scheme will "fix" everything.

Now here we are today witnessing the inauguration of Biden and in the face of changes to our Republic like we have never seen.

At the risk of sounding like a total asshole, I'll ask this - How did that work out?

When large groups of people are fooled into thinking that their fears and hopes for change will be handled by somebody else, that's an immediate red flag.

There's no such thing as a strong "silent majority". A silent majority is nothing more than a bunch of people sitting back waiting for others to do the work they aren't willing to do or are to scared to do.

In the 1920's, there was an operation called "Operation Trust" perpetrated by the Communists to placate the resistance against them. They organized propaganda as a fake anti-resistence against them. It neutralized opposition by creating the false impression there was a strong and powerful group of military and other leaders to stop the take over.

(you can read about it here - )

Sound familiar?

I'm not suggesting that Q is some Psyop or any such thing, but I am suggesting that humans are very easy to manipulate. We are willing sponges of headlines, bullet points and propaganda to confirm our biases.

To be clear, this isn't a post of doom and gloom. This is meant to be a "wake up" and a message of "let's get to work".

Instead of sitting around and worrying about what's going to happen over the next 4 years, I suggest we stop being the "silent majority" and get to work.

Let's volunteer in the schools, run for school boards, run for City Council, get involved supporting candidates for the next Gubernatorial races, volunteer in your churches, read, educate yourself, eat healthy, exercise, fill your mind with powerful and positive influences, etc.

Start a business that serves your community and fills your heart and bank account.

Study history, psychology, high performance, wellness and strengthen your version of your chosen faith.

This is not the time to loathe and wait for another "savior" to come and fix anything. This is the time for you to claim the power you have and do something positive with it.

To be clear, I'm not suggesting that everybody put on a fake smile and act like nothing is wrong. We are facing some very serious challenges as a country.

But I am suggesting that where we are is a direct result of all of our past thinking. And if we want to be in a better position in 12 months from now, we need new thinking.

Perhaps ditching blind faith that something or someone else (excluding the discussion of faith and religion obviously) will do all the work for you is a good start. We can't be a nation of people complaining about the results we aren't getting from the work we aren't doing.

Let's claim our power and our voices and stop being apart of a "silent majority".

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