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What do you want to know?

The movie and the book projects are about exploring the human stories of what has been happening across the country this last year. 

We have filmed over 200 days/nights of protest and riots all across the country.


We have interviewed leaders of Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers, Proud Boys, Antifa, local and state politicians, former Chiefs of Police from cities affected, police working the riots/protests, civil leaders, experts, historians, homeless people affected, business leaders, journalists and more. 

We have traveled to over a dozen cities, watched documentaries and read many books covering racism, politics, human psychology, history of the United States, slavery, war, civil rights movements and other topics currently facing America. 

Our goal isn't to share a story or version of what's happening, but rather share the raw perspectives and truths of people from all ends of the spectrum. 

As we begin the editing process, I'd love to hear from you. 

If you have specific questions about events, thoughts you'd like to be considered, suggestions for topics to be researched or any other ideas to ponder please let me know. 

Now is the time to speak up and help create the most comprehensive documentary of our current events ever produced. 

Any suggestions or thoughts are welcome. 

Send me your thoughts or questions!

Thanks for submitting!

P.S. As a little "thank you" for taking a moment to submit your thoughts, I'll enter your name into my little lottery to pick a few at random and send a high quality 8 1/2" x 17" print from scenes of the documentary as a keep sake. 

And If the winners would like, I'll even get it signed by the team!

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