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When big tech recently showed they want to control who has a voice and who doesn't, it's time for me to stop allowing them control over my ability to connect with people who want to explore ideas and have conversations. 

I plan to build out a community here where I will post and allow you all to continue to have a voice and connect with each other, should you choose. 

After all, isn't America still the land of the free?

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This is the place where I'll be asking for your input and sharing the things I've learned traveling the country this last year exploring the human experience. 

It's been a wild ride witnessing the greatest communication breakdown in our history, leading to our current environment of divide. 

And I can't wait to share these experiences and gaining insight from you all as well!

This is just the beginning,

Eric Post

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When Facebook shut down my ability to go "live" in DC last week, Barb and Dave from American Snippets called and invited me to go on their show and share a few thoughts. 

Myself, the Director and the Project Manger for our documentary had the following discussion about censorship and the state of our Union. ​

Please excuse my language and serious tone, but it had been a couple long days of filming and we were incredibly emotional about what we had witnessed. 

Here's a sneak peak of some of the sights I've experienced this year.

Looking forward to sharing videos and commentary with you all soon...

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